Loveday Primary School Website

Welcome to Loveday Primary School

Loveday Primary School is a small rural school offering a fun and safe environment for students to learn and grow. The school has an Australian winning mural and a colourful artificial turf playground. Our values of respect, responsibility, caring, cooperation, honesty and self-discipline are reflected in all school activities.

We are extremely well equipped with computers and library resources for both students
and staff. As such, students are able to participate in many online activities with outstanding achievements. The two classes have Interactive Whiteboards and are supported by a School Services Officer, a Christian Pastoral Support Worker and a Community Volunteer.

We also have strong networking connections with neighbouring schools and a strong emphasis on wellbeing with healthy eating and daily fitness. With support from a teacher volunteer, Loveday students are involved in music - playing recorder, singing and choir.
The Student Representative Council, supported by the Governing Council, is very active
and conducts regular fun and fundraising activities. The extended school community acknowledges outstanding leadership and sportsmanship annually.

Loveday School first opened
its doors in February 1923.
The original building was a
large iron shed obtained from
the soldier settlement at South Hummocks. The stone building, which is housing the library and administration was opened by Tom Playford, M.P., in 1939.


Portable, wooden, double classroom replaced the old single room on the western side of the stone building in 1980.